Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mafia Princess to be Senator from NY

Yes "Princes Caroline" looks to be the shoe in to replace the Carpet Bagger Hillary. The Daughter of a dud President whose only accomplishments were one good thing "Tax Cuts" and a string of failures. From getting us involved in Vietnam to the Bay of Pigs.

Granddaughter to Joseph P. Kennedy who was the ambitious son of a prosperous Boston saloon keeper and ward boss. He married the mayor's daughter, went to Harvard, and generally made the most of his ample connections and talent. He ran a bank (admittedly two-bit) at 25, and was number-two man at a shipyard with more than 2,000 workers during World War I. At 30 he became a stockbroker and made a fortune through insider trading and stock manipulation. He was a master of the stock pool, a then-legal stunt in which a few traders conspired to inflate a stocks price, selling out just before the bubble burst. Which today is called fraud and insider trading. In 1973 mob boss Frank Costello said he and Kennedy had been bootlegging partners. Other underworld figures have also claimed Joe was in pretty deep. At least one writer (Davis, 1984) thinks bootlegging enabled Joe to earn his initial financial stake.

Then there was Uncle Bobby that so hated his father and his fathers friends, he went on a one man crusade to destroy the Mob that probably led to both his and his Brothers death.

After interning with her uncle,the dying and long brain dead US Senator Ted Kennedy, and at The New York Daily News, Caroline Kennedy began work at the Metroploitain Museum of Art in New York in 1980, where she met her future husband, exhibit designer Edwin Schlosberg.

Kennedy is a member of the New York and Washington, D.C. bar associations. She is also a member of the boards of directors of the Commission on Presidential Debates, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. She is also involved in other Charity work. (The American Ballet)

On June 4, 2008, Obama named Caroline Kennedy, along with Jim Johnson and Eric Holder, to co-chair his Vice Presidential Search Committee

On August 19, 2008, filmmaker Michael Moore called on Caroline Kennedy to "Pull a Cheney" (as in Dick Cheyney who headed President George W Bush's, vice presidential vetting committee in 2000), and name herself as Barack Obama's vice presidential running mate

All in all a fine replacement don't you think? A spoiled little rich girl raised in corruption. The Perfect Senator for New York.

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