Friday, December 05, 2008

The Leadership of the Republican Party are Delusional

And that's putting it nicely.

The party is top heavy with middle of the road dinosaurs that have served too long, and long ago lost touch with a base that believes in the simple things that they have forgotten. The party is run by inside the beltway sycophants that don't have any true beliefs let alone the will to fight for the Constitution or conservative principals.

The party Leadership set the primaries up to give the nomination to John McCain a man that is despised by over 80% of the Republican base. They depended on the base's hate against Hillary Clinton to carry the election for them.

No one predicted the rise of the Messiah Barrack Obama. Not even Hillary.

Add to that 2 campaigns 1 aided and abetted by an in the bag press corp that refused to delve into anything that would cast a blemish on the Messiah. 2 a NON-Campaign on the McCain side. The picking of Palin as VP was the only reason he got 57,000,000 votes. With out her he wouldn't have even received 40 million. Especially if he had his choice of Lieberman as a running mate.

It is time for a purge of the Republican leadership, or a split in the party into 2 distinct parties. To split the party would be insanity but how else do we remove 2/3rds of our elected leaders who have been corrupted by the inside the beltway mentality.

What we need are fighters in the style of Gingrich. People willing to set goals based on the foundations of the Constitution, Goldwater, and Reagan. People who are willing to vocalize those principals without fear of what is going to be said about them in the N.Y. Times.

We also need to fight against the litmus test of abortion. The Religious Right is a key group but the issue of abortion is a distraction from the main goals of the party.

The base wants other things on a higher priority. First of all Tax cuts, and a major cuts in government spending. The Second is ILLEGAL immigration. Our border has become a war zone worse than Iraq, yet it is an issue that is ignored by our leadership. Third Drilling for domestic oil, and the conversion of coal and shale oil to refined oil. We are sending 700 Billion Dollars a year to our enemies for a resource that we have plenty of. All in the name of saving the sage hen which is nothing more than a desert pigeon.

We also need to explain the true threat of terrorism that this nation faces, and the reasons this war must be fought. Disengagement will only encourage the enemy not placate him.

Standing on basic conservative principals wins elections, that has been proven over and over, Running as Liberal Lite brings no one to the polls. How many elections do we have to lose for that to be understood?

As long as the party stays on the course that it has chosen we will remain the minority. When Pelosi, Reid, Clinton or Obama spout their socialistic agenda they need to be challenged vocally and with the common sense that proves them wrong. Yet our leadership remain silent.

If you don't fight for our principles why should we fight or vote for you!

Patrick Van Roy
The City Troll

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