Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Conversation at the End

Judas walk with me, Yes teacher? How much do you believe, trust, have faith, and love me? With all my heart teacher Why? I have a task for you and only you. Name it and it shall be done.

Listen before you decide, you will be approached by those that wish to silence us. They will offer you money and prestige to betray me. But master I could never do this. Do this you must.

My message has been delivered, if I linger any longer there will be more than my blood that is shed. I can not allow this. My time here must end so that all to come can be saved.

They will offer you Silver and tell you all you have to do is kiss me. Then I shall be taken and crucified. No Master how can I do this? You can because it must be done, do it out of your faith and belief in me, and know even though you shall be marked as the traitor forever, it is your act of love that will save blood from being shed now and will help lead to the salvation of millions.

Is your Faith and belief in me strong enough to do this ? For you my master it shall be done.

And to the rest of us on the Eve of the Masters Birth,

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