Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama Accuses American Soldiers of Torture

In one of his first interviews President Elect BO said last night that upon taking office he would close Guantanamo Bay and ban torture by the American military. The best part is he just said it off hand in a laundry list of things he wants to do. This is our new Commander in Chief. Be prepaired for a rough 4 years of a socialist agenda that will collapse our economy while making us more vulnerable to attack. Well Hail to the Chief we picked him.

He also said it would be "a disaster" if the US car industry were to collapse in the midst of today's economic crisis.
Mr Obama provided America with a glimpse of both the problems his administration will face and the bipartisan tone he intends to adopt once he takes office. The President-elect, joined by his wife, Michelle, discussed his priorities and the impact of the election on his family.
His first priority, he said, was appointing a new national security team to ensure a smooth transition to power. But the wide-ranging interview focused largely on the threats to the US economy. "It's my belief that we need to provide assistance to the auto industry," Mr Obama told CBS's 60 minutes, adding "But I think that it can't be a blank check."

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