Thursday, November 27, 2008

Freedom isn't Free and we give Thanks

Today my nation stops to give thanks to God for all his blessings. We truly are the land of plenty.

We get our families together, and sit down to a big Turkey diner. We say Grace, and give thanks for our personal blessings. We eat and drink and indulge in our feasts and family.

Tomorrow the women will descend on the malls and shopping centers in an orgy of Christmas shopping on what is lovingly called black Friday, because it is the day that most stores show their first profit for the year.

We also give thanks to those that are standing at the gates of hell for us. Laying down their lives and laying down the fire. Freedom isn't free. The majority of the worlds governments hate us and so truly do a third of it's people. Yet one third of the worlds people still want to flee where they are and come here.

This song is for those that can't be with their families today, and those that will never be with them again. We give thanks to them for they pay for our freedom. Even if by some it is not appreciated.

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