Monday, November 03, 2008

A Disaster of unprecedented proportions

A Disaster of unprecedented proportions. If Obama wins the Presidency and the Dems sweep the House and the Senate as all the Polls predict. The changes to our nation will be as large historically as The October Revolution, except without the violence.

The Bolsheviks will seize control of every branch of government. Within a the first year freedom of speech, will be under siege with the fairness doctrine directed against talk radio and the Internet.

The foundations will be laid for the destruction of the worlds greatest health care system.

The average paycheck will be a minimum of 12% lighter due to increased taxes, while unemployment will reach double figures.

The National Debt will Triple in size as the dollar completely crashes. And Government spending quadruples.

Interest Rates will reach double figures and the housing industry collapses. Inflation will go into the double digits as the price of refined fuel floats between $5 and $10 a gallon. With the price of Diesel reaching levels that will practically shut down internal shipping causing a snowball effect on every consumer product.

This is the American situation internally for the next 4 years.

Externally the world will praise the change until the collapse of the American economy spreads across the globe and terrorism goes unopposed spreading from Iran like a wildfire.

But History will have been made, a black Marxist will have taken control of the worlds largest economy and Nikita Kruschef's prediction will have become a reality.

America was defeated incrementally from within.

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