Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Creation of a Banana Republic

As the Obama administration takes shape I see some very troubling signs. The first is the appointment of so many former Clinton administration people to key positions.

The actual pick of the Dragon Lady herself as Secretary of State I believe is a good choice. The cronies that she has in place at state may actually stop leaking, accomplishing anything will be another matter all together. The historical record of foreign policy failures of the Clinton's combining with the future ones of Obama will be fun to watch.

Tom Daschle is being slated to Shepard in Universal Health Care the seizing of the government of 1/7th of our economy, the take over of the banking industry by the very people that caused the collapse and finally the grabbing of control of the Detroit auto industry.

When Government controls so much of a nations economy decisions are not based on economics but politics. That is a Banana Republic or a dictatorship. We may never be a dictatorship but we are becoming a Banana Republic through Crony capitalism.

Crony capitalism is when government controls significant parts of the economy. Under this kind of bureaucratic micromanagement, politicians -- not the free market -- call the shots. And that means that the decisions that control the economy are of necessity political decisions, not economic ones.

Of course the bureaucratic micromanagement has done such a wonderful job with the budget, medicare and social security. How can we argue with such shining examples of success, hell there even going to take control of our 401ks

We can all look forward to prosperous future Praise the Messiah

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