Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Troll Perspective

We have all seen the Joe the plumber tape but I haven't put my two cents worth in.

Obama is the perfect asshole, the more they have him speaking freely the more damage he does.

Number 1 not one democrat has lowered taxes since JFK, and there are similarities between Obama and JFK, but that ain't one of them. They are both or in Johns case "was" very charismatic. They both have corrupt backgrounds, and ties to the most corrupt political machine the Chicago machine.

Obama has continually hurt himself by being himself he can't help it. The only reason McCain is in the running is because he is running against this Marxist idiot.

What the Obama campaign has achieved is unprecedented. He will have 99.9% of the black vote in America and a larger number of students will vote than before and all for him.

What he has also accomplished is not fill the majority of American voters with despair which he actually believes they should be feeling. What he has done was aggravate the real people who these type of elections are decided by.

The Joe the Plumbers, now Joe is just a schmuck, but he's a schmuck like the majority of Americans. He works hard he has dreams and he pays his taxes goes to work every day and struggles to provide for his family.

Joe's question was legit, so was Obama's answer. The answer however pushes the angry White male right over the edge. The Group that is still the largest voting block in America.

You have seen polls with amazing swings in leads to double digits to one or two points. This is because they expect more people to vote in this election than have in decades and they can't read all the factors what such a large turnout is going to bring.

Neither dog is dead but the Obammanation just gave himself what could be a fatal blow.

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