Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Reds May be Taking Control

The Russian Revolution of 1917 refers to a series of popular revolutions in Russia, and the events surrounding them. These revolutions had the effect of completely changing the nature of society within the Russian Empire and transforming the Russian state, which ultimately led to the replacement of the old Tsarist autocracy with the Soviet Union.

The Provisional Government held state power and the national network of Soviets, led by socialists, had the allegiance of the lower-class citizens and the political left. the Bolsheviks and other socialist factions was to abandon the war effort. The Bolsheviks formed workers militias into the Red Guards (later the Red Army) over which they exerted substantial control.

The October Revolution (November of the Gregorian calendar), in which the Bolshevik party, led by Vladimir Lenin, and the workers' Soviets, overthrew the Provisional Government in Petrograd. The Bolsheviks appointed themselves as leaders of various government ministries and seized control of the countryside, establishing the Cheka to ruthlessly quash dissent. The Bolsheviks, were a faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) ultimately became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.[4] The Bolsheviks seized power in Russia during the October Revolution phase of the Russian Revolution of 1917, and founded the Soviet Union.

Bolsheviks (or "the Majority") were an organization of professional revolutionaries under a strict internal hierarchy governed by the principle of democratic centralism and quasi-military discipline, who considered themselves as a vanguard of the revolutionary proletariat. Their beliefs and practices were often referred to as Bolshevism. The party was founded by Vladimir Lenin, who also led it in the October Revolution.

On Dec. 20, 1917, shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution, the new Union of Soviet Socialist Republics formed its first intelligence agency, the Cheka, an acronym for the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counterrevolution and Sabotage. It was headed by Feliks Dzerzhinsky, who ran the organization until his death in 1926. Today, a statue of Dzerzhinsky adorns the front of KGB headquarters, the modern-day successor to the Cheka, in Moscow.

The above are just simply the facts of history yaken from various history sources.

Today if Barack Obama wins and is also given a filibuster proof congress led by Reid and Pelosi. We see the same revolution reliving itself, without firing a shot. The Bolsheviks (bureaucrats) seize control and pass laws that basically do away with capitalism.

That's the good scenario. The bad one is if Obama is like Lenin who will be his Cheka? Well consider Barack Obama's newly appointed Muslim outreach adviser is coming under fire for meeting with Islamic groups with extremist views, just two months after her predecessor resigned over links to a radical cleric.

Minha Husaini met with members of several Islamic organizations in Virginia on September 15 -- including some that terrorism experts say have ties to Hamas and the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Among the attendees were senior members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which was listed by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror-related trial.

Several people connected to CAIR have been convicted of felonies -- including on terrorism-related charges.

They sound like a perfect arm of butchers for a secrete police. We already know free speech will be ended with the Fairness Doctrine being put into place, Hell you already see dissent being shut down by the campaigns calls of racism over even what someone wares.

Power will be in the hands of those who falsely believed they were persecuted for dissent in the 60s-70s. Now these paranoid power freaks will implement the very policies the feared.

Even if none of that happens the damage by a Pelosi-Reid congress with the precedent set by this bailout to take controlling interest in banks this precedent will have set them up to seize control of any industry they choose Like say the automobile industry just for starters.

And this President will sign the bills and fill the Supreme Court with those that will uphold them.

The world is about to change if Obama wins.

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