Saturday, September 06, 2008

A True Fascist

The real problem with Barry Obama is that he is a fascist, plain and simple. What an Obama administration would mean to an American public is an abuse of power unlike any that has ever been experienced in any western government. This man is the culmination of everything that is truly anti-american.

Whether or not Obama's affiliation with a known terrorist bothers you or not, the tactics that he is employing to stifle even any questions about the relationship should scare the crap out of you. The way the Obama campaign has gone after the American Issues Project is nothing but the actions of an unashamed fascist. He has sent 4 letters that should be being screamed about from the highest hills.

The first letter went to the broadcast stations threatening to sue any station that aired the ad. Now every statement in this ad was verified and vetted. A 132 page document stating where the sources of the information in the ad came from was published first and the facts were undeniable. In the letter to the broadcast stations Obama states that they will refute the document later, but if you run the add we will sue.

The next two letters went to the Criminal investigations division of the Justice dept. During this investigation it has also come out that this is not the first time the Obama campaign has demanded this division start an investigation apparently they also sent letters demanding they investigate the Clinton campaign earlier in the race.

In the second letter to the Justice Dept they demand that the individual donor and anyone associated with this ad including volunteers be prosecuted criminally. This ad was paid for by an individual American citizen. The Obama campaign is using the GOVERNMENT to try and silence the free speech of an American citizen. A total dismissal and disregard of the first amendment. They have also demanded the tax records of this organization for an IRS investigation. In the lawyers response to the second letter she listed several individual donors to the Obama campaign that have spent more money individually than this donor in the same time period. Including one George Soros who had spent triple the amount in this time on Obama Ads.

Obama's resistance to answer these accusations and his behavior to stop the questions from being asked should raise an even bigger red flag, but the MSM just sits on their hands. William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn are are a small part of a circle of Obama's immediate associates that have a lifetime of work in anti-american activities attacking the very fabric of what America is based on. Yet no questions can be asked. What makes this even more important is this man is applying for the job of running this country. Don't you think the beliefs of his closest associates might shape his view of how he sees the US and it's role in the world.

The Idea that the US Government be used as a tool to silence free political speech is a violation of the very fabric of what America is.

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