Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is a Perfect Storm forming to Hit the Entire US?

Tensions in the Middle East between Israel and Iran are coming to a head. It is very likely that Israel will attack Iran sometime after Nov, 4th. That will cause a major jump in the price of oil alone, ad to that this little problem from Venezuela.

From Reuters
The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on Venezuelan officials it accused of helping Colombian rebels smuggle drugs, deepening a diplomatic crisis that raised the specter of an oil supply cutoff.

The sanctions were announced in Washington a day after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened to stop crude sales to the United States and expelled the U.S. ambassador, plunging relations to the lowest point in years.

Chavez acted after his ally Bolivian President Evo Morales threw out the U.S. ambassador, accusing him of stirring up protests against the leftist government.

Chavez ejected the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela in an expletive-laden tirade against "Yankees" on Thursday. Honduras weighed in on Friday, blocking a U.S. envoy from immediately taking up his post as ambassador.

Chavez is also a new close ally to Iran. When the Jews bomb Iran he will likely aid them by actually cutting us off.

The Democrat Congress is aggravating the situation on several fronts. Pelosi and her allies are aiding the anti-american Chavez with support. The Treasury Department accused ex-Interior Minister Ramon Rodriguez of being was Venezuela's main weapons contact for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, and had tried "to facilitate a $250 million dollar loan from the Venezuelan government to the rebels in late 2007." It accused him and Venezuela's two top intelligence chiefs of "materially assisting the narcotics trafficking activities" of FARC.

Washington considers the FARC, which uses drug money to fight Colombia's U.S.-allied government, a terrorist organization. This year, laptops found by Colombia in a rebel camp were seized on by Washington as evidence of cooperation between Venezuelan officials and Colombian rebels. On those laptops were the names and contact information of several Democrats and their aids.

Then there is our problem with oil imports. The US imports from a total of 42 different countries. The top 5 importing countries were Canada (16.34%), Mexico (15.42%), Saudi Arabia (14.30%), Venezuela (12.24%), and Nigeria (10.54%), for a total of 68.84% of all American imports. In contrast, imports from countries 6 through 10 (Iraq, Angola, Ecuador, Algeria and the United Kingdom) make up only 16.84% of the total, with countries 11 through 42 making up the remaining 14.33%.

To make it clearer we import 1,483 Thousand barrels a day from Saudi Arabia. In comparison we import 1,339 Thousand barrels a day from Venezuela. Almost an equal amount.

And we still have the Democrat congress refusing to allow us to drill for our own oil.

The Storm that is about to hit us will do more damage to our economy and way of life than any physical attack on our country ever could.

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