Thursday, July 31, 2008

A horrible thing is just dawning on a lot of people. What if Iraq is the success it appears to be?

This reality is getting harder and harder to deny. Sunni and Shiite are not killing each other, The government is functioning as a representative government and there are 192 Divisions of trained Iraqi troops.

The Iraqi people are giving birth to a Representative Republic. That is undeniable and also the biggest threat to the oppressive regimes that govern the Middle East. Add to that republic the third largest oil reserves in the middle east and you have the potential for the greatest weapon against instability and terrorism.

Remember these are not the 5000 first cuisines of the family Saude, this is a nation that the revenue of the worlds blood MUST be spent representably by ALL the people of Iraq.

This is a direct result of American Blood, Policy, Determination, and Tactics. Contrary to what may be the propaganda line, America is now, and has always been, the Greatest force of GOOD in the world.

Our soldiers are not only the most superior to ever take the field of battle, they are also our greatest diplomats for good.

A year ago the cry was "the surge was too little too late". However the US Troops Committed To The Surge: 21,500 - Combat, 2,400 - Support, 2,200 - Military Police, 129 - Provincial Reconstruction, 2,600 - Combat Aviation, To a Total - 28,829. Which were made up of 5 Army Divisions and 3 Battalions of Marines, have done there job and have all been brought back home.

That's right, right now in Iraq we are back down to pre-surge levels. Today we lowered the tour of duty rotation from 15 mths. to 12. The troops that are in country are not exhausted but are seasoned, battle hardened, and ready.

Negotiations are almost finalized for troop dispositions for after the December deadline set by the U.N. for turnover to the Iraqi's giving them complete control of their country and fate.

Right now fatality levels amongst American troops are the lowest monthly losses since May 2003. The Iraq theater may soon mirror other deployments in the Balkans, Europe and Asia, in which casualties are largely non-combat-related. It will soon be no different for them whether they are in Germany, Okinawa, or Iraq.

God has blessed the World with the U.S.A.

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