Saturday, June 07, 2008

Finaly at least one thing I can agree with McCain on

McCain would like to see a man on Mars

Presumptive Republican White House nominee John McCain said Thursday he would like to see a manned mission to Mars as part of a "better set of priorities" for NASA that would better engage the public. (he should start by forbidding NASA personnel from leading Global Warming Propaganda campaigns, and concentrating on the space program. Mr Hansen)
At a townhall event in Florida, the Arizona senator was asked about funding for the US space agency's shuttle program, which is due to end in 2010.

He said he "would be willing to spend more taxpayers' dollars" to continue the program but argued that NASA must do a better job of inspiring the American public, as when it sent a man to the moon in 1969. (NASA has been the only dept of the Govt. that has produced any benefits for the American people. If McCain would really add his support and voice to it instead of trying to destroy the American Economy with Cap & Trade, or attacking the Constitution in the name of Campaign Finance Reform. It might get the funding it needs to continue advancing science and medicine to all of our benefits)

McCain said one of his favorite books as a child had been Ray Bradbury's 1950 novel "The Martian Chronicles," about humans colonizing the Red Planet.

"I am intrigued by a man on Mars and I think that it would excite the imagination of the American people if we can say, 'Hey, here's what it looks like," he said.
(the benefits we would gain from such a mission would create a boost in more areas of our lives than most people can ever understand)
"We know that now, and here's what may be there and let's all join in that project. I think Americans would be very willing to do that." (Then Back it, don't just pay lip service to it.)

The Benefits of the Space Program effect every aspect of our lives here is A PARTIAL LIST of some of the Space program benefits. If you have an hour or two read through it. If you have about 5 mins just scroll through this small sample of the inovations and benefits this program has brought us. As you do remember this is only a PARTIAL list.

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