Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Choice between two Non-Choices Pt.1

The Scam of all scams is being perpetrated on the American electorate. Now considering the American electorate that's not necessarily a hard thing to do. Out of a nation of roughly 300million, only at the best turnout 30-40 million vote.

This has caused over the past couple of decades a malaise to descend over those of us that do participate in the system. The few, the crazed, those of us that view politics as the only true sport. We work the polls we knock on doors we may even hold minor office in local government. We are the grunts.

Then there are the party Elites, the insiders that actually run for High office. Those inbred few that seem to be shoved down our throats as "THE Choice". Once in office they usually have to die to get them out, and this has even gone awry these days. If someone dies in office their wife or husband now slips in perpetuating this inbred line of miscreants that have no clue how to actually accomplish anything other than keep the money flowing to promote their own re-election. Only Those shepherded to this group are allowed to participate, and that is also guaranteed by the even smaller turnouts at off year elections.

Add to that the politicalization of the school system over the last 40yrs so that history is never taught, and if it is they look at the American past as a cesspool of slaveholders demanding their freedom. Not an accurate look at what this nation has accomplished, who accomplished it, and the ideals that drove them.

That is why we have as our choice, a lunatic who has been on a 20 year vendetta of attacking the constitutions first amendment representing one side, and an out and out Marxist running on the other. Now as far as I am concerned neither of these men are of a caliber to hold office as a dog catcher yet this is what the disgrace of the inbred two party system has lead us to as our choices. Do we elect the loon or the commie? That is this years election question.

Now the loon will continue to fight the war on terror but according to the Marxist that means that it's just a continuation of the Bush administration. On the other hand the Marxist will place a windfall profit tax on the oil companies which the loon points out is just a repeat of the Jimmy Carter Presidency. The difference between these two is said not be that different except for on the war. I disagree with that for a couple of reasons let me explain just some basics.
First off most of you balk at me calling the one candidate a Marxist. I ask why? Marxism is a viable economic philosophy that one third of the worlds population subscribe to. It doesn't matter to them that it has never achieved a prosperous society anywhere it has been practised. That fact also doesn't seem to deter the candidate either. He continues to preach the practices of this system every time he attempts a conversation on his economic plans.
Lets just look at the tax plans of the two. The Marxist says he will drop the Bush Tax Cuts and the Loon says he won't.
Basically what that means is:
a single person making $30,000 will pay $4,500 under the loon and $8,400 under the Marxist.
a single person making $75,000 will pay $18,750 under the loon and $23,250 under the Marxist. a married couple making $60,000 will pay $9,000 under the loon and $16,000 under the Marxist.
a married couple making $75,000 will pay $18,750 under the loon and $21,000 under the Marxist.
a married couple making $125,000 will pay $31,250 under the loon and $38,750 under the Marxist.
Capital Gains 15% to 28% Dividends 15% to 39.6% this effects Housing, and all IRAs and 401Ks. The death tax will also comeback which contrary to what you may have been told has the greatest impact on those that leave between $200,000 and $2,000,000 dollars to their families. How much is your Moms house worth? That should be your perspective.
That is a massive Tax increase on the middle class and a shutdown of the US investment economy. That is a loss of spending cash taken from the middle class. Add to that the inflation inflicted onto our economy from the doubling of the price of Gasoline and Natural Gas, and you get a meltdown of the US economy.

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