Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't get your Panties in a knot...

Delegate Count :

Romney-42, Huckabee-37, McCain-32 Thompson-3, Paul-0, Giuliani-0

1,191 Delegates Needed to Win (Delegate Counts Come From AP, Wash Post, ABC News & RCP)

The Light at the end of the Tunnel at this point is still a Train that's about to run us over. At least that is the case if the Republican Party listens to the MainStreamPress, and Half the Pundits.

With less than 10% of the Delegates committed, the herd mentality is that McCain is on an Unstoppable roll. That the Republican Comeback kid is the De facto Front Runner and Undeniable Candidate for President of the Republican Party.

No statement could be further from the truth. He is in TRUTH at the moment in 3rd place and the prospects for him to even maintain that position are slim to none.

The circus sideshow that we have been watching with this ungodly early campaign and primary race has already provided us with a year of hell. When you can have front runners like Huckabee and McCain it proves that the early system isn't worth shit.

Both candidates are represntative of fringe elements of the party at best. Neither of these candidates have a prayer of getting the nomination, let alone of beating either Clinton or Obama. The system is broken and has been made worse with these early races.

The MainStremMedia wants to pick the candidates. They are spinning a false picture of the reality of the Republican Party and the Republican perspective and direction.

The question is will they get away with it?

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