Friday, November 23, 2007

Over 10,000 Acts of Terror since 9-11

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The Religion of Peace has committed over 10,000 acts of terror since 9-11.

This seems to be something that is being ignored by The Main Stream Press, The Democrats, and for the most part The Republicans. I ask you my fellow non-jihadists why do you think that is. I don't have the answer. I can make a few guesses.

The MSM is ignoring that number because they no longer do their job, which is to inform the people. Instead they believe they are a branch of the government or a political party that is both unaccountable and un-reproachable for their actions, or the lack there of. Addressing the FACTS is no longer part of their job description. Instead the have de-evolved into subhuman Elitist leaches sucking on the Tit of society. Providing nothing back except what they feel they can shape to their benefit and agenda. When was the last time a "Reporter" held a Politician to a Yes or No answer?

The Democrats as a party have completely adopted the communist socialist agenda as their heart and platform. Everything for everybody, and we will tax the rich to give it to you. Never mind that that system has been proven to fail every where in the world that it has been implemented. They will do it and make it work, and if you disagree your a neo-con bigot that hates your fellow man. They don't have the nerve to admit that they are socialists. No they're "Progressives" and the sad part is most people are to stupid to even look up the fact that that term means socialist/communism. The entire party would make Lenin proud.

The Republicans aren't much better. They also have lost their soul, and have become Democrat Lite. No longer does the party stand for smaller government, less taxes, and moral value. They are worst than the Democrats because they are lost. The Dems know what they are, they just don't want to tell you. The Republicans on the other hand no longer know who, or what they are. Swallowed by the greed of earmarks and the power they can no longer even speak out against things that they know are wrong. They fear the loss of their seat more than they fear watching their constituents die at the hands of some crazed idiot screaming Allah Akbar. Even more simply they fear what will be written about them in the NY Times rather than the wrath of the voter.

For that matter why should either party fear the voter? The only people that vote are the loyalists. People who wouldn't change their vote if the person on the other side was Jesus or the person on their side was Bin Laden.

Where does all this leave us? A drift in a sea of wretched refuse with a bulls eye on our backs for the Jihadis. Who, let me say it again, have committed over 10,000 acts of terror since 9-11. They enemy cares nothing for our internal rifts. To them we are all the targets. We are the unbelievers, the ones who must submit or die.

Rome is about to burn and we are awash in fiddlers.

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