Sunday, October 07, 2007

Listening to the Sunday Shows.... What a Joke

As I sit at work doing reports, inventories, menus, and specs, I have C-Span Radio playing in the background on my computer. On Sunday they replay all the Morning Political shows.

If you watch or listen to these shows you should be required to either be on Meds or be ready to take some. No where else will you get to witness a better cavalcade of freaks, wackjobs, and con artists than on the Sunday Morning talking head shows.

The overall consensus is that the Republican party is headlong diving into permanent minority status, and the only thing that is preventing Hillary from being President is that the hanging chads have yet to be counted.

George Bush refuses to stop killing Iraqi's for his oil buddies and he wants American children to DIE from lack of Health care.

How did we ever reach the point where we are governed by these fools. The American public are the real fools because we allow these people to be presented to us as our only choices. We need to open up the Ballot, but that's a rant for another day.

The ONLY two subjects that matter at this point in time are the War, and the upcoming Presidential elections.

As for the War. No matter what the Democrats tell you or believe we can't win a war by retreating, and that's what they want to do. The Public is NOT weary of war, the public haven't even gotten invested in the war. Unless you have a family member that serves the war has not effected you one bit. The Democrats in Congress have made their platform the Peace, Love and Bobby Sherman, tune in, drop out, smoke dope, free love of the early 70s. Well guess what, it ain't the 70s and this ain't Vietnam.

We are at war with Islamofacism, They attacked us they have been attacking us since 1979. The power behind all Islamic Terrorism is Iran. They support and fund both Shia and Sunni, as long as you want to kill Jews and Americans they will give you what ever you need. They will continue to plot and kill Americans. Whether we are fighting them in the middle east, or if we are fighting them on main street USA. THEY WILL STILL ATTACK US.

There are people and nations in the world that aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the World BURN. That's what we are fighting in this war, and it is beyond the ability of the socialist left to comprehend.

Pulling out of Iraq before we attack Iran will only lead to one thing. Car Bombs in the streets of America.

Now lets look at the Presidential race. OOOH what fun right now there is really nobody that I want to vote for. There is however several I would vote AGAINST.

The Main Stream Media should all be taken out and flogged. Not one of them will ask any of the candidates a real substantive question with a real follow up.

This election is probably the most important election we have faced since the 40s. The issue at stake in this election is not about the war. The war is a side issue that is being used as a distraction. The real issue in this Election is Socialism.

An Election that gives us a Democrat President is an election that drives the stake of communism into the capitalistic heart of the US.

In the name of the CHILDREN they will seize control of the health care system and with that control will dictate every aspect of our lives. Not to mention the amount of our earnings they will have to seize to even pretend to pay for it.

No matter how much they raise taxes it will not be enough to pay for socialized medicine. It has not been enough anywhere in the world where they have had it. It has collapsed economies all over Europe. Long before the economy collapses though rationing begins. If you smoke you are not entitled to any health care, if you eat trans fat you can't get heart medicine, if you drink your disqualified from any heart, liver, or intestinal care.

It is not well you'll have to pay more for this or more for that. It will be a simple NO. You smoke therefore you CHOSE to void your health care. You eat at McDonald's oops oh well your not covered. Hey the Government can't waste it's Health care Dollars on idiots that don't live the way they tell you to.

That's what this election is about.

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