Thursday, August 02, 2007

Where is the GOPs SPINE????

I am just so sick and tired of this lack of BALLS!

First of all I want to send my prayers to the families of all those that have suffered a tragedy because of this bridge catastrophe. As long as it wasn't terrorism they will find the cause, and if there is fault to blame than someone will burn. May God Bless you and support you.

NOW that being said it's time for some plain talk. The Republican Party Leadership and elected officials for the most part lack a set of balls. Where are the politicians that have the sense to understand that now is the point in time both of the election and history to seize the moment and speak to the real issues that we as a nation face and damn the fury that it will invoke.

Where are the statements of condemnation of congresses misuse of power. We have a House and Senate that are running amok abusing the public lack of understanding that THEY have no right to question the President on certain issues. That Separation of Powers works three ways not just theirs.

The Presidential firing of 8 lousy attorneys is one of his unquestionable rights. He should be firing a hell of a lot more than he has, and congress has to stop acting like the spoiled circus clowns that they are. Shut the fuck up and do your jobs. Your jobs do NOT include destroying our government for your petty political tantrums.

Bush won twice, no matter what you do you can't remove him before his term is up so get over it. The liberals and the panicky poll watching pussies who can't decide if they are on the right or left except by how the wind is blowing have lost site of the whole picture.

We are at WAR. If you pull 150,000 troops out of Iraq before it's ready the millions that perished due to the Democrat engineered catastrophic end of the Vietnam War will look like a preschool playground brawl compared to the butchery and devastation that will engulf the whole middle east.

Why isn't the Republican Party speaking this truth from every microphone they can find? We lost the last election for exactly that reason. No one stood up to call a spade a spade, the masses really aren't as dumb as you politicians are.

It was your lack of fortitude to state the facts that cost the house and senate. No one ran with the number one true issue that would get votes "Illegal Immigration", and you ran like schoolgirls from the lefts ridiculous stand on the war. I mean come on whether you feel the war is right or wrong what the Dems are proposing which is nothing but retreat is asinine.

You can walk away from the battle field but if you leave the enemy standing he will still come after you to finish the job. One side alone can't end a conflict. You Asses!

This next election will decide two things 1) Are we going to welcome suicide attacks inside the United States by inviting the enemy in with a retreat in the ME, and 2) Are we going to socialize are country into a failed communist state, starting with the Health Care system.

Those are both sureties if Hillary wins.

It is the Rights lack of elected officials and power brokers with a spine that will cause that outcome to manifest itself before are very eyes. Now mind you it will be a pure spectacle of horror to watch, but if they win we will watch it with out a choice. And they will win if we don't get someone running who will speak to these 3 issues.

1) The War and the real stakes of a loss.

2) Illegal Immigration

3) The Border Fence

All the rest is shit that you can toss to the side, but we are being lead by deaf & dumb mutes who can't tell the difference between their ass and a whole in the ground.

The City Troll

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