Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Scam Begins


This amendment is designed to do two things and two things only. The first is to make it impossible to keep the troop levels high enough for the surge to be effective. The second is to create a propaganda tool for the Democrats to try and drive a wedge between the President and the troops.

This second issue should qualify as TREASON, in a time of war to create a situation that has no other purpose than to demoralize the spirit of the troops to gain political power should be classified as an act of treason.

This Scam was originally proposed by John Murtha in the house. He stated flat out that it would make it impossible for the President to carry out the surge by cutting off reinforcements from the battle field.

If this passes the President will have to Veto it, and then that can be used to drive the wedge between him and the troops by a media campaign saying the President wants to keep your children in harms way. While in reality this amendment would put the troops in jeopardy by cutting off their reinforcements.

Washington, DC - On Monday, July 9, Senator Webb will introduce an amendment (S. 2001) requiring that active duty troops have at least the same time at home as the length of their previous tour of duty overseas. The amendment is the first slated for debate on the National Defense Authorization Act. After four years at war, supporting our troops means addressing the erratic deployment tours that are breaking our military and ignoring the demands that extended tours place on our troops and their families.

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