Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ed Schultz Poster Child for The Fairness Doctrine

Democrats block amendment to prevent Fairness Doctrine

On Friday the 13Th the Democrats blocked an amendment that would have prevented the return of the Fairness Doctrine. Now according to the AP reporter that wrote the above article no one has any plans on bringing the fairness doctrine back.

Well in my opinion that's Bullshit. The Democrat Leadership definitely wants to bring it back and some of the same idiots on the right that are joining them on issues like Amnesty for ILLEGALS, and cutting our troops in the field would surely join them on this.

There are some real Americans left in Congress like South Dakota Sen. John Thune, Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman who see this attack on conservative free speech not only coming, but concerned enough to introduce legislation to try and prevent it.

Sen. Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat squashed the Amendment saying it didn't belong on a Military appropriations bill and "because it would have taken up time while the Senate was trying to debate Iraq."

The real force behind reintroducing the Fairness Doctrine is Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill. Here is an exchange taken from the AP story that Turbin had on the floor with Coleman.

Durbin and Coleman briefly debated the idea on the Senate floor Friday, with
Durbin asking Coleman if he believed it serves the interests of an educated
electorate if people could hear both sides of the story.

Coleman responded. "But I believe - strongly believe - that the government
should not be in the position of deciding and dictating, 'now here is the other
side.'" He said with the proliferation of communication options such as the
Internet, Americans have plenty of opportunity to get the other side.

"The airwaves belong to the American people," Durbin said. "Those who
profit from them do by permission of the people through their government." He
said that broadcasters should provide both points of view on an issue.

That last paragraph is the base of their ploy on why they can control the Airways, but that's not enough to sell it what they need is a victim. So in comes Ed Schultz a liberal talk radio host. Schultz has talent and a radio show that airs on 100 stations, with an audience of about 3 million a week. Not bad for a lib.

Schultz however can't break into some markets that he wants to be in. So instead of getting a better promoter or agent, he wants to force conservative talk shows off the air to make way for him, and he wants congress to help him do it.

Here is more from the AP piece:

Ed Schultz, a North Dakota-based liberal-leaning talk show host who has more
than 3 million listeners on more than 100 stations, also said the airwaves
belong to the public.

He said the Republicans' efforts are
overreactions, and said he is traveling to Washington next week to talk to talk
to Democrats about the issue.

"The issue is liberal talkers haven't even
been given a market opportunity in many markets across the country," he said.

He is frustrated because his show is not airing in such major markets as
Boston and Philadelphia, where he says certain companies are keeping progressive
shows out.

"I'm just open to hearing these conservative companies
explain their thought process," he said.

Now I live in the Philly Market and there are only two conservative talk radio stations. 1210am The Big Talker, and 990 WNTP. During Schultz time slot the two people on those stations are Rush and Prager. So which one do you think he wants the government to force off?

Now Philly is not a town with limited Radio channels. There are several Progressive ones. 900am WURD and 90.9fm NPR. Just to name a few. Now why isn't he upset that those channels won't air his program?

Ed is a typical Lib, he can't rely on his talent alone to get an audience he has to force himself into a market so that the unwashed, uneducated masses in that market once they are forced to listen to him will be so overwhelmed with his views that we will all see the light (like he did) and become good little Libs.

They are coming after our Free Speech, They are Marxists and want to control our sources of information just like they do in Iran and N Korea.

UPDATE: July 15th, This morning on C-Spans Washington Journal the first segment was a call in on the Fairness Doctrine. There were at least 3 different people who spoke and e-mailed the same exact words. All Stating that Ed Schultz was being shut out of Philadelphia and that Philly had NO Liberal Stations. The shills are out there folks watch as more pop up this week when Schultz goes to Washington to lie to Congress.

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