Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The City of Brotherly Love.... or The inevitability of events from 50yrs of Democrat Rule

The Murder Rate so far this year 211 males, 25 females.

As this Eden of one party rule enjoys the fruits of the Democrat tree, those of us that live here know that the apples are rotten.

Click on a map to see an interactive guide to the murders.

Where are the cries to pullout of this Democrat Heaven? Last years murder rate was 406 in Philly the Death Count in Iraq was 820 and not all were combat deaths. Hell the city of Bahgdad had less killings than Philly, Yet we must retreat.

These assholes that call themselves "Democrats and Progressives" can't manage our nations founding capital, but we are supposed to believe they can keep the country safe?

Map curtesy of
NBC 10

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