Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An All Night Surrenderfest Compliments of the Democrats

Today the Senate is Debating All Night on Iraq

Not on how to win and get the job accomplished, but on how to deny our troops Re enforcements, Ammo, and food. Making the task more difficult while causing the unnecessary deaths of additional soldiers.

Why would they do this it's simple, they can't win elections if we win the war. They insist that retreating from fighting the terrorists in Iraq will give us a victory over Terror.

Never mind that the enemy has stated that Iraq is the main front on the war on the infidels, and has told their fighters to hold out against the onslaught of defeat that they are facing do to the surge. They have told their fighters they are winning and as proof they have offered up the words and actions of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Never mind that the enemy has stated that when we flee in fear from Iraq that they will then be free to attack the US at home. No Nancy and Harry assure us that this is how we will be made safe.

The price of 3617 dead in the war is to high. It is better to fight Al-Queda, Hezbollah, and Iran on the streets of Philly, NY, L.A. and London. Any civilian casualties that we will suffer are George Bush's fault.

Never mind that the enemy has said over and over that we will either submit to Allah or die. They really don't mean us any harm, at least as long as we vote for Democrats.

These ASSHOLES that we have elected to represent us have made the conscious decision that Americans and Brits should die in the streets at the hands of Jihadi car bombs and suicide bombers. Just so they can blame Bush and the Republicans in their campaigns.

I make a pledge to not give a dime to the Republican party if the RNC gives one ounce of support to ANY Republican that joins this insanity. I will also actively campaign AGAINST any and all candidates that support the Democrats in this effort to gain congressional seats by the deaths of American Civilians.

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