Thursday, June 28, 2007

We Won Round One...

It's time to get back to work.

The ILLEGAL AMNESTY bill is finally dead (we hope), all though someone could always pull the stake from it's heart and it will rise like the blood sucking vampire that it is. For now though I believe we can remove the garlands of garlic from our necks and resume the real battles that we are facing.

First, build the damn wall it's a matter of security and we are at war. That is what we now need to re-focus our efforts on. The Democrat party and their willing accomplices in the MSM are about to do a full press on imposing time lines on the war. They still have not got the balls to do the only thing that they have the constitutional authority to do which is defund the war instead they are going to play with withdraw amendments. In the Next month, Democrats are prepared to use the Defense Authorization bill to exploit fissures within the Republican coalition. Democrats plan to press the case that Republican obstructionism in Congress and the President's vetoes are behind the quagmire in Iraq as well as behind gridlock on lobbying reform, inaction on 9/11 Commission recommendations, a lack of progress on lowering Medicare drug prices, and stasis on other bills promised at the start of the session. (stolen from this story) So you can bank on not only speeches from Reid and Pelosi to that effect, but accompanying stories in the NYTs and other rags.

We can not count on the Republican Party to mount a good defensive against these attacks. Instead what I am sure we can count on is spineless elected Republicans going along with them. We have already seen idiots like Luger and Voinavich lead the band in retreat in our side of the isle. I am sure they are only the first, as the press gears up. They will also cave on the fairness doctrine, since Talk Radio and the rest of us forced them to do the right thing on the AMNESTY BILL.

The pressure must be kept up from us. We need to apply pressure on their campaign wallets to not put our lives in jeopardy by abandoning our commitments in the Middle East.

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