Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We built the Hoover Dam in 5 years, but we can't build a fence on our Southern Border

I came across an interesting article in the Houston Chronicle. It talks about the more than 120,000 Mexican soldiers that have deserted the Mexican army. These 120,000 have deserted in the eight years since the Zetas were organized. The Zetas are highly trained military officers mostly trained by us here in the US, that have deserted the Mexican army to act as the military arm of the drug cartels. The Zetas provide security for the drug traffic across our border. The article follows the line of thinking of why they deserted, how poorly the Mexicans treat their military personnel, blah blah blah.

The thought that struck me was my god we have a standing army of over 100,000 men on our border who's soul mission is to violate our border and bring in drugs or anything else (WMDs) that they as paid mercenaries are commissioned to bring into the US.

Yet we have assholes in Washington who think a fence isn't necessary on the border. These are the same federal idiots that are prosecuting our border guards for shooting at drug traffickers in self defence and are calling us hate mongering bigots because we are demanding that they do their job and protect us from the ILLEGAL traffic at our border.

The McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill must be defeated, and we must insist that these assholes in DC do their only real Constitutional duty and provide for our defence.

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