Monday, June 11, 2007

Stop Looking For Reagan

I loved Ronald Reagan, he was the epitome of what is America.

What I don't like and see a danger in is this insistence that the Republican Candidate measure up to RR. It ain't gonna happen. It's stupid, and dangerous to set that as the benchmark. Yet that is what I see every candidate is measured to that standard and it's a recipe for failure.

Fred Thompson is just the latest victim of this. George Will just did a big article comparing the two men, and if you look you can find an article on every candidate running on the right where the comparison is made.

The conservative base loved Ronny, we still do and we cherish his memory. The Anniversary of his tear down this wall speech is this week, and I will find the tape and listen to it again.

We want Reagan qualities in our nominee. I also want Nixon qualities in him, but what I really want is a nominee that has his own qualities. Someone who will fight the war on terror. Someone who won't fuck up the economy. Someone who can speak in public. Someone who can appoint good people in the key positions and someone that see's the dangers we are facing externally and internally.

Now right now who that person is I don't know yet. The only candidate in the so called top tier that I am sure about is John McCain. I am sure I DON'T WANT THAT IDIOT. As for the rest the jury is still out. Romney I have a lot of doubts about, is he real or just a good politician. Guiliani I like, but other than the war he's a liberal. Thompson is a possibility, but we have to see if he fleshes out once he is actually in the race and then there is Newt. Newt would be perfect but can he build the base momentum to carry him over the assault that will be unleashed on him when he announces in September.

Each of these men have their qualities and their problems. The question is who can get the base out to vote for them, and who can beat the Clinton machine.

NOT who is the most like Ronaldus Maximus.

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