Thursday, June 14, 2007

On Flag Day

There was a poem I can't remember about this flag a fallen....

I am going off topic....

Anybody payin attention?

Israel is about to be engaged in a two front war. With hezboohah attacking from one side and hamass attacking from the other.

Gaza has been flooded with rocketry and heavy explosives through egypt and lebenon arms brought in through Syria are at levels higher than they were before last years skirmish, both stockpiles being paid for by Iran.

It is more than likely no matter what you feel about the jews or the jewish state that we will be called to support our only true ally in the region, definitly with arms and possibly troops and air assets.

With the current idiots screaming for immediate surrendor in Iraq and declaring defeat before all the troops are even in place

Here is the question Will this congress allow Israel to be over run?

Sadly I believe it is a real possibility

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