Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Death of a Party

The 2006 elections were lost by the Republicans due to two reasons. Spending and Immigration. The 08 elections will be lost because the assholes in the Senate still don't get it, and are shoving AMNESTY down our throats, because they know better than us.

It does not matter that 80% of the American public does not want this Bill to pass. It does not matter that Millions of people e-mailed, called, and sent letters. All that matters is that Bush, McCain and the author of the Bill Teddy (drunken murderer) Kennedy got their Bill passed.

Now I know it's not passed yet but it will be in two days, and we could still defeat it in the House if we keep the pressure up. But that's not the point.

The point is the Senate Republicans have said FUCK YOU TO THE BASE. Assholes like Trent Lott and others stated it right out that we needed to be shut up. Well fine I agree we do need to shut up, shut up our wallets and our votes.

The only Republican I will be voting for in the 08 election is whoever is running for President. Other than that I won't give a dime, a vote, or a minute of campaign time to a single Republican Candidate.

Now to be honest I never vote for my Republican Senator Arlen the Spectacle. I do not however vote for the Democrat running against him, this time I will.

This Bill should have been titled The Destruction of the Republican party Act of 07, because that's what it has added up to and was always destined to add up to.

Remember according to our own Senate Republicans we are BIGOTS, LOUD MOUTHED, STUPID and DON'T EVEN KNOW WHATS IN THIS BILL. Well bullshit you assholes we read the Bill, we support LEGAL IMMIGRATION, and voicing our honest dissent is NOT loud mouthed.

UPDATE: Here are some points in the Ammendments to fix this Bill...LOL
compliments of the
Captains Quarters

POINT 1: Page 21, lines 12-16, apparently reinstated the 24-hour limit on probationary background checks. Remember when they promised to fix that so that no one would get a probationary card without passing the full background check? I guess they broke that promise.

POINT 2: Page 29, lines 12-end: The Z-visa has unlimited 4-year terms. I don't think this is a change, but shouldn't the immigrant at some point actually immigrate?

POINT 3: Page 33, lines 19-25: Z-visa non-immigrants over the age of 65 are not expected to maintain employment in order to remain eligible to be in the US. Again, why would they be here if they're not working and not applying for a regular immigration status?

POINT 4: Page 48, lines 8-14: Interesting method here to ensure that Z-visa non-immigrants don't get preferential treatment. The regulations set up a timing mechanism so that no Z-visa immigrants can file for permanent residency until 30 days after eligibility for those who applied for normal immigration on May 1, 2005. That means that illegals can't "cut in line" ahead of anyone who applied on that date or before, but can be put ahead of legal immigrants who applied in the last two years.

POINT 5: Page 61, entire page: The language has changed in this section to allow access for all law-enforcement activity to the data gleaned from applications. Before, it was restricted to just immigration enforcement and national-security activities.

POINT 6: Page 67, lines 7-11: 80% of all penalties paid by the applicants will come through installment plans. I understand the need for this, but it puts the federal government on the hook for managing a payment system for 12 million new people, along with all of the other mandates in this bill.

POINT 7: Page 69, line 20: The DREAM Act, providing scholarships for the children of illegal immigrants, still exists in the bill.

POINT 8: Page 89-90, lines 22-04: The 24-hour limit on background checks still holds within the Ag Workers section (the temporary guest worker program). If it takes longer than 24 hours, they get their credentials. (h/t: commenter Redherkey)

POINT 9: Page 92, lines 14-15: Do I read this correctly? The new limit on guest-worker visas is now 1,500,000 -- not counting dependent Z-A visas? Wasn't this originally 400,000 and reduced by half later?

POINT 10: Pages 169-170: The employer fines seem rather daunting. The first tier fine for employing an illegal will be $5,000 per occurence. If an employer has been fined in the past for employing an illegal alien, it escalates to $10,000, and on up to $75,000 per occurence. If the ICE decides to enforce the law on employers -- still a rather open point -- it could get very expensive. I wonder if that applies to corporations as a whole, or each location separately.

POINT 11: Pages 227-8: The temporary worker program gets fleshed out more specifically here, and it appears to have a limit of 180,000 for "Y-visa nonimmigrants." If so, what are the Z-A visas, and why do they have a cap of 1,500,000?

POINT 12: Page 276: This is an amendment that forces any probationary status to wait until after the security triggers have been met. It seems to me that this is another example of the many cross purposes of this bill, and it will serve to confuse both backers and opponents of this bill.

I'm done for the evening. If you want to take a look through the bill, check with NZ Bear, who has a searchable HTML version up at his site.

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