Thursday, May 10, 2007

They're Feeding Us a Load of Shit....

Time for a little honest opinion.

Reading todays headlines is like going down memory lane cracking open a Mad Magazine. No one is more full of themselves and more full of shit at the same time than the MSM. The Democrats are more dangerous but they can only be the way they are due to the assholes who belive that they are the Noble Gaurdians of truth and rightousness. The Friggin Press.

If you are to get your sense of right and wrong in this country from the ideals that are haled and put forth to us as the proper things to believe in, and way to live. By what is known as the Main Stream Media. We would be living in Bizzaro Land.

Look at the issues that this obscenely long pre-presidential election cycle is forcing down our throats. The Democrat debate didn't even create a wisper yet the Republican debate fueled a month long state of prostration over the NON-issue of abortion. Attacking one candidate for flip flopping to pro-life and the other main candidate for sticking to his view of pro-choice.

The MSM is on crusade to abort Romney because he ran as pro-choice when he was trying to get ellected to Governor of the State of Moscow, oh excuse me I meant Massachusetts. While at the same time trying to abort Guiliani for not bowing to the same pressure that made Romney flip and sticking to his guns for a womans right to choose.

They take both sides of the issue as long as it is the side that will damage anyone that they don't want the Republican base to choose. You're not supposed to notice their hypocrisy of attacking both candidates with equal bile from the opposite positions. While I defy you to find a single story on any Democrat's position on this NON-issue.

If you are going to decide your vote for the next President on the issue of abortion you should be castrated so that your genes can't be passed to the next generation. I got sad news for ya. There will always be abortion and half the country will always be against it. Those two things will never change no matter who is President. The whole issue is a distraction used to destroy the rights base. It is a wedge issue for the press to fuck with people because they can. They prey on the morality that they can't comprehend. And to be honest at this point in history the issue is last on what should be on your priority list.

According to the MSM we should be outraged that we are fighting a war to kill people that want to kill us in the name of god. In the process of trying to prevent those people from blowing our children up they want us to believe it is an outrage that we would actually want to spy on those people and then lock them up when we catch them.

We have six Islamic assholes that wanted to kill as many soldiers as they could right here on a military base in friggin New Jersey and we're supposed to be upset that their civil rights were violated because a hero thought he should tell someone that he had a video of maniac Muslims firing machine guns and screaming allah ahbar, and death to America. Well Exxxxccuuuuse Meeee.

The supposed paper of record commits sedition on a weekly basis printing stories about our national security secrets that can only benefit the enemy. While they beat their chests and claim to be the true patriots. Cut me a break, assholes.

Since april 15th (tax day) our soldiers have been out of money. Young men and woman who have volunteered to place their lives on the line to defend us are starting to die due to lack of supplies. While the majority party plays politics with their lives and our safety. They actually believe they will solidify their hold of power with this position. Of course the MSM portrays this as the gospel that we should all follow.

The other gospel that the MSM claims to be written by god is that Man is powerful enough to destroy the planet just with the breath we exhale. What arrogance, you can't tell me if it will rain next Tuesday yet I am supposed to believe that the breath that I exhale will cause Manhattan to be under water in 20 years.

We are giving Billions and Billions of dollars to our enemy because the MSM has championed the destruction of oil production in this country for the last 30years. We have gone from 18 refineries down to 3 and haven't drilled a new well in decades. Yet they have the balls to then write stories decrying the fact that gas is over 3 dollars a gallon.

Bush lied, Bush lied, yet the MSM neglects to tell you that the idiots they are championing who are spouting this bullshit told we the people the same exact things two years before he was elected to justify attacking Iraq the same week that some stains were found on a dress. No Flip Flop there huh.

Jane Harmon spouts that Gitmo should be closed but that we shouldn't release the terrorists and not a single reporter asks her where she thinks they should be held. I know lets put them in our big city prisons so they can share their wahhabist hate doctrin with Americas terminal degenerate victims of our evil capitalistic system the criminal black population. Thats a good combination don't ya think?

The American left and their propaganda wing the MSM are bolshevics. Petty little bureaucrats that want to control our lives with a maze of failed doctrines whose only purpose is to pick our pockets to pay for the elimination of our safety, morality, and freedoms.

The last election was this country's Red October and 08 is our only chance to put the little Leninist bastards back into the obscurity where they belong. Until then the Bolshevics (democrats) Will continue to squander the blood of our children in a slow death of a thousand cuts of funding shouting false outrage over each soldiers death as they feed the Islamic beast propaganda for breakfast and you and I for lunch.

Tell me what is the Bolshevic plan for our peace and safety? Negotiations with the mad little persian who keeps saying he will bring back the twelfth Imam with a blaze of Nuclear fire. You really believe thats viable? They must, the MSM doesn't question that logic they cheer it on.

We're all fuckin doooomed.

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