Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Manure from the House

As gas prices reach record highs throughout the country. (just as they do every summer) The Democrats in the house pass a bill making price guaging by oil companies and gas stations a federal crime.

They are upset that companies like Exxon made $20Billion dollars profit last year. Well lets look at the hypocracy of this assinine charge. First of all oil companies are the largest corporations in the world and they provide us with the vital juice that makes the world spin. That 20Billion comes from a margin of 10% per gallon of gas.

Now congress on the other hand makes a profit of 40-60% per gallon of gas in taxes. So if Exxon made 20Billion, congress made 80-100BILLION off that very same gas. and did nothing to supply it to us.

Now compare those numbers 20Billion to 80-100BILLION and tell me who is gouging us.

The reason the price of gas is so high is simple supply and demand. Now I know that is a concept that is beyond the mental capability of a democrat so try to keep up.

30 years ago we had 18 refineries in this country, we now have 3. 30 years ago 60% of our gas and oil was drilled domesticly (that means in this country) now that number is less than 40%.

If congress REALLY wanted to help the American consumer they could do several things, 1) cut the TAX on gas 20% 2) Pass a bill that frees the oil companies from the environmentalists so they can build more refineries. 3)Pass a bill that frees the oil companies from the environmentalists so they can DRILL more Oil Wells.

But instead they feign outrage, while they piss down our backs and tell us it's raining.

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