Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The fear of the Average Iraqi

If I was an Iraqi this is where I would be mentally.

I have survived a madman, allthough loosing people that I knew. I survived an Invasion by the most efficient army in the world. I have been told that the invaders are here to destroy the people that follow Islam, and steal the oil.

What I have seen is an Army of men and even women that have shown no interest or care what religion I am. Only whether or not I was a threat first and then if I needed anykind of help. They do not drag us from our homes at night never to be seen again and they do not tell us how to think.

The holy ones tell us we must kill them and repell the invaders supporting jihad. Yet the ones that the holy ones kill the most of are my brother muslims and woman and children in the streets. They want to control us with the word of the Prophet but for their profit.

They said the Americans would never leave, yet in their homeland they argue over not if they will leave but when. Whether they leave in 3 months or 1yr. If they leave now what will happen to me and my family ? Will it be a better life? or Will they wage holy war for control?

Sadre will kill all who do not follow him and therefore the mullahs in Iran. The Kurds will march south and the Sunni will plant bombs. The children will die fighting for Allah and the woman will submit or be stoned.

Do we fight the holy outsiders that will make us all submit or do we help the occupiers kill them. And then wait for them to leave?

These would be my thoughts. The Iraqies are an educated people on the whole, but what do they fear more Freedom or Submission?

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