Friday, April 20, 2007

A little note on National Health Care from Great Britain

While Liberals Worry Over Guns

Ron Roberts, an 81 year old war veteran, is the latest victim of NHS manslaughter.

Ron and his wife Olive, 79, were forced to choose which one of them would go blind when both were diagnosed with the same degenerative eye condition last year. As any man would, Ron chose blindness for himself. A campaign led to the NHS relenting and agreeing to treat both. If only the campaign had failed. While in the Bath Royal Hospital, Ron contracted the ‘superbug’ Clostridium Difficile and pneumonia. He was left on a trolley for 24 hours and spent six days in a unit meant for short stays only. He died soon after being found abandoned in his own faeces.

But let’s not worry, for the primary care trust says that there will be an investigation. Truly, working for the state means never having to take responsibility for your actions. It cannot be repeated often enough that the state is not your friend. It will only be made to answer to we, the people, when we make it so. I hope that Ron Roberts family seeks justice and sees those who effectively killed him made to answer for his death with their imprisonment. I cannot agree more with Richard Littlejohn’s view (in today’s Daily Mail, no link) that:

Everyone involved, from the Health Secretary Patricia downwards, through the directors of the hospital care trust, to the hospital managers, doctors, nurses and porters on the ward, should be arrested and charged with corporate manslaughter at the very least.

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