Saturday, April 28, 2007

Al-Qaeda Targeting Great Britain (RWC)

Al Qaeda is planning a massive attack in Britain, and maybe in other Western targets.
This from the London Sunday Times, sent to us by our friend Glenmore Trenear Harvey, a former MI 5 agent who lives in London.

The Times quotes a British intelligence report that the attack will be aided by Iranian supporters of al-Qaeda.
The possible attack was compared with "Hiroshima and Nagasaki" and an informant said it would "shake the Roman empire."

The threat is “deadly and enduring” said Scotland Yard’s Peter Clark, commander of the UK’s counter terrorism force. He told Bloomberg News that the Brits have arrested over 1,000 al-Qaeda connected hard-core radical Muslims since 9/11 and about 100 of them are still awaiting trial.
Clark described al-Qaeda in Britain as “incredibly resilient.”
Senior al-Qaeda operatives have been in recent contact with British supporters and they have talked about "a huge explosion," says British sources.
Up to 150 British Muslims are believed to have traveled to Iraq to fight Americans as part of what al-Qaeda calls its own "foreign legion," according to British intelligence sources.
The recent secret report was prepared by "Jay Tac" -- the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre -- which is at MI5's London headquarters. The London Times says its editors have read a copy.
Al-Qaeda is not yet believed to have acquired a nuclear weapon, though Osama Bin Laden has personally tried. But a number of al-Qaeda plots involving "dirty bombs," conventional explosives surrounding radioactive material, have so far been foiled.

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