Saturday, March 24, 2007

"May you live in interesting times"

As the world spins out of control, aren't we lucky to be living the old chinese curse "May you live in interesting times"

The mad little persian is playing russian roulett with the Brits and the US. Instead of attending the UN meeting where he knew sanctions were going to be issued to him directly, he stages the kidnaping of British Sailors. Instead of loosing face and his Islamic Machismo by being bitch slapped by the impotent Security Counsel. He is viewed as the master Islamic Jihadist leader of the Arab world. Pissing on the world body while spitting in the eye of Satans brother the Brits. He is Imamadjihad supreme commander of Mohameds Holy Army of Terror, gathering the sacred nuclear fire to scorch the earth clean of the infidels. Purrifying the world for the return of the savior the Twelth Imam. BLAH. BLAH BLAH

When are we going to kill the little prick?

No doubt about it the mad little persian is upping the stakes in the game. The Surge contrary to what you see on the news is working. The tide is starting to turn in Iraq. Mookie Al-Sadre has fled the country, and the civilians are feeding our troops intel. Iran see's that the US is pushing back. Unlike the Press and the Defeaticrats he understands the progress and instead of taking a second setback from the UN he has upped the stakes pulling this stunt to rally the barbarian hordes of Mohamedins to him. The question is what's the next move will he flinch in this game of chicken or will the Brits? Depending on the treatment and whether or not these hostages are released will decide which direction this goes.

If he makes a spectacle of these Sailors will Blair react with force? The stakes are higher than they were the last time he took British hostages and paraded them on TV. If they have truely been moved to Tehran than a rescue strike is out of the question. How he treats them and how he reacts to the Sanctions will dictate our response. We will respond with the Brits in that there is no doubt. It is our coalition, therefore this attack is also an attack on us.

Or is this a tragic blessing, oppening the door for the long overdue Airstrikes into Iran. That is the force option. Hit the Oil Fields, the Refinery, and the Nuclear sites crippling Irans economy. Of course they will stike back at us in Iraq and Israel. They might even activate their Hezzbooha and Hamass sleeper cells here and in the UK. This could get real bloody real fast.

As the man said, "May you live in Interesting Times"

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