Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Barack the Obamination

Obama changes his tune toward opposition
WASHINGTON - Although Barack Obama once made allowances for fellow Democrats who voted for the Iraq war, he is now more critical of presidential rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards. (First of all lets make one thing clear that aparently this reporter is to stupid to understand himself, Iraq is part of the War on terror period. None of these fools like Clinton or Edwards has explained how if we don't defeat the enemy we are going to stop them from killing us.)
Obama spoke out sharply against the war as an Illinois state senator in October 2002, just as the U.S. Senate was voting to authorize the conflict. He later adopted a magnanimous attitude toward pro-war Democrats, only to curtail such forbearance upon entering the presidential race. (he was an idiot then and he's an idiot now)

“Now it’s a campaign and, you know, there are differences,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton told The Examiner. “Ones that are worth discussion.” (the only difference between you and the rest of the wack pack on the left is you're black, and being black gives you even more lattitude to be an asshole. No one will dare ask you hard questions because they will be called a racist. )
To that end, Obama last week took a veiled swipe at Clinton and Edwards, both of whom voted for the Senate resolution authorizing the war, only to later backpedal from their votes.

“The decisions we make in Washington have consequences,” the junior U.S. senator from Illinois told reporters in New Hampshire. “Obviously if the senators [had] voted down the authorization, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in now.” (yeah that's right where we would be is pulling bodies out of our subways and shopping malls from the suicide bombers and IEDs the terrorists would be using on us here)
Burton went even further, telling the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper: “Only Barack Obama opposed the war in Iraq from the start.” (like I said an idiot from the git go)
But in 2004, Obama seemed to hedge a bit when asked by a TV interviewer whether he would have voted for the war if he had been in the Senate. (in other words he stuck his finger in the air and said what he thought people wanted to hear)

“You know, I didn’t have the information that was available to senators,” he replied. “I know that, as somebody who was thinking about a U.S. Senate race, I think it was a mistake, and I think I would have voted no.”
Obama was equally charitable two days later, when discussing those who had voted for the war.
“I don’t consider that to have been an easy decision, and certainly, I wasn’t in the position to actually cast a vote on it,” he told National Public Radio. “I think that there is room for disagreement in that initial decision.” (yes it's a very difficult decision 3000 bodies lay in our streets from an act of war and he thinks it's a difficult decision whether we should respond or not. Now that's what I call someone with a Presidential backbone)
In his 2006 memoir “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama allowed that he was “sympathetic to the pressures Democrats were under,” adding: “I didn’t consider the case against war to be cut-and-dried.” (that's because you're an idiot, and everyone would tell you that if you weren't a black liberal)
Burton said Obama had not been ambivalent about his opposition to the war.

“He pretty specifically said back then that he wouldn’t have voted for it,” Burton said Tuesday.
(yet you think you are capable of leading the country during a world war when you would have voted to not respond with force after 3000 lay dead in our streets. Barack The Obamination)

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