Saturday, January 27, 2007


or grow a set a balls....

Either way somebody's got to do or say something. Right now what we are looking at is a damn mess. On one side you've got Stretch Pelousy and the land swindler Mr. Greed. Who think that they have the support of the American public to usurp
the powers of the commander and chief and run the war from committee, with one goal in mind Fuck Iraq, Fuck the War on Terror, troops home in 6 months and the rest of the world and Hollywood will love us.

Never mind that the only people in the world that will really celebrate that besides the wack pack in LA and the NY Times readers, are the very nations that are plotting to murder us in our apathy and rape our daughters before they stone them for being harlots. Namely Iran and all the little nazi muslims that they can get to strap a bomb on and step into a crowd to shake hands with Allah. The left has even taken the side show on tour with Stretch and Mad Dog Murtha going to tell Maliki he's fucked in person. I guess Teddy's intravenous gin tube wouldn't stretch long enough for him to go with them.

The other side of the isle is just as bad. Just this last week you get an asshole like Hagel forgets to take his medicine and he comes down with delusions that actually make him believe that he could become President on the right side of the isle by cutting our soldiers throats. By joining with the surrender at all cost commie loons on the left. Now there's some sound Senatorial thinkin...

Who else the traitorous Scumbag Captain Queeg McCain, once again cutting off even the slightest hope that if the senate republicans could muster the balls to filibuster the Biden white flag bill, he's working on a new surrender group of 14. Yeah he'll make the compromise to surrender as long as it's worded a little nicer. Where'd the hawk go John? Maybe will just start calling you ole yellow stain...

You got Rudy playing deaf, dumb, and blind about whether or not he'll run, he's certainly not a conservative but he'll fight the war. Tancredo would be a good president but I don't think he has the chops to get past the MSM label of being a racist anti-immigrant. That's how they'll label him because they see no difference between a legal and an ILLEGAL.

And then there's Newt. Hey Newt watch ya gonna do??? He's playing the invisible man. He's who we need. He sure ain't perfect but he is the perfect man for this time in history. Even better how bad the MSM hates him. That will only drive the purists out to vote even more. The question is does he have the balls to pull the trigger and step into the fire?

Well if no Newt or Rudy were stuck facing 3 nightmares #1 Hillary her Thighness queen commie socialist, who'll seize control of healthcare condemning us all to a slow European death, both economically and physically, and when were attacked the same people who were making decisions about our security when her husband was in will be doing it again. Won't that be fun.

Or #2 a true threat to the Constitution, Captain Queeg McCain. Who knows, he's liable to say that elections are the root cause of governmental corruption and decide to issue a presidential order banning all elections. The only saving grace there is Hillary will beat him. NO ONE from the base will come out and vote for John McCain.

That leaves us #3 the War. The Muslim Nazis are coming a lot of them are already here. Waiting. There is no doubt about it. Blood is going to flow in combat in our streets for the first time in over 200 years the enemy will be attacking us on our busses, in our malls, nowhere will be safe and Hillary and the socialists will be running the show. Isn't that sobering.

like the man said "They just weren't prepared for DOOMED FAILURE.

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