Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting Over the Holiday Malaise...

Ho Ho Ho and Happy New Year.... Thank God their finely over... Now lets get back to business

Ahh it's nice to find hope in the ashes, ha ha. Today I came across some good horrible news, Once again Thank the gods. The Dems can't control themselves.

In their first 100 hours they are going to raise taxes, raise the minimum wage implement the first phase of Hillary Care and to put it as the lady from Florida put it on c-span this morning "they are going to right every wrong that the Republican majority prevented them from righting over the past 6 years". She said in the first 100 hours they are going to pass ALL the amendments of the past 6 years that they put forth and were voted down because that is the MANDATE that the American people voted for when the voted us in.

That is a paraphrased statement of the deputy majority whip from Florida (I didn't have a pen to record her name as I listened on my XM) (that's my sad Idea of pleasure, relaxing by listening to c-span on the radio)

Now what gave me hope and what struck me as I listened to this woman speak. Was not the details of what she was saying, but the unspoken details that she took for granted as a given. Not that the Democrats will not take any input from the other side that's always been a given. What the unspoken fear and hope that I remember of the Dems of old was the uniform lockstep of their votes. That's what this woman was saying. Nancy and friends are going to follow the Daschle / Gephardt model of no matter what you feel if you don't vote with the party you get nothing,....

that's what I remember of the Dems of the past. The march and arrogance of the true believers, those who "Know Better" what the rest of us need. That's what she was saying was back. If that's the case it is going to be a bad, but they will remind the country why they were voted out of power after 40yrs voted out in a time of peace. Two years of those that worship at the alter Marx and John Lenon during war guarantees a Republican congress and president in 08.

Just an add on
Our Random Thoughts for the Week

TROP: We counted 93 Iraqis who lost their lives to Islamic terrorists last Saturday, yet the only death in that country that inspired international moral outrage was that of Saddam Hussein, the man who murdered entire families with nerve agents, tortured reform advocates to their grave by pumping their intestines full of air (among other gruesome tactics) and was responsible for the deaths of more than a million people.

Anyone who wastes sympathy on a man like this (over the lives of 93 people who did nothing to deserve it) is merely trumpeting their own self-righteousness, since no one outside of Islam could possibly be this morally confused.

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