Monday, January 15, 2007

The Conundrum That is Philly... 26 DEAD ALREADY

Conundrum that's a nice word for the mess that is Philly. Last year the number of Murders in the city was 467. Already this year we are at 26 and today is only the 15th of January.

Today Bill Cosby lead a march for community awareness. He was joined by Dwight Evans and a large contingent of Philly's recovering community. Those recovering from Drugs, Violence, and the Streets. Even though I am sure that anyone could find fault with many that marched. The sentiment was pure. It won't amount to more than a hill of shit but it does show that even in the war zone that's Philly hope can still show you it's there.

What the real situation is in Philly is that over a third of those between the age of 18-35 are hardcore animals that could give a rats ass about Martin Luther King, the Law or their fellow human beings. The majority are African American. I say this not to make it racial. Only because it is a fact. A matter of population nothing else, and it is a psychological element also.

Being that is also the Racial profile of those in Authority. The Mayor and majority of City council are black, the Police Chief is black, and the majority of the police force are black and Hispanic.

Here is the conundrum. What needs to be done is the police need to take physical tactical control of large sections of the city. In doing this many criminals will be shot, beat, and killed. That's what happens when criminals who murder and deal drugs for a living carry guns and resist arrest. I say this also because it is a fact. Nothing more, it is the nature of police work and career criminals.

So how does a Black administration crack down on a black on black crime wave? Is it even capable of doing so after years and years of political pacification. Well it's obvious that the City of Philadelphia has proven that it can't. Our city is the Living or dying depending on your perspective proof that the Democrat philosophy of society does not work.

For over 50yrs the city of Philly has been democrat controlled. This is the end result 467 murders last year 26 already this year, one of the highest dropout rates in the country for schools. The school situation is so bad that last month they called all the parents in the Sr public schools to an auditorium to tell them if they couldn't get their kids to attend school they the parents would be arrested. And a police force that can't keep the peace and hide in their police cars.

These are the same type of people that now run the country.

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