Monday, December 18, 2006

A Letter to Newt

Mr Gingrich

I heard the other day that you are feeling that you may not run. Well thats a disgrace! Our party has fallen apart because it lacks both leadership and a backbone. You could provide both. Guilianni would provide leadership but but is a mogerate liberal NOT a conservative. McCain is part of the internal enemy and doesn't even know it. His stance AGAINST FREE SPEECH, and the first ammendment can NOT be allowed to hold the reigns of power especialy during war time. Romney is also a moderate liberal but no where as bad as McCain.
In a time of WAR we need the voices of men who understand the repeat of history that is playing before our eyes. The Main Stream Media and the Democrats have already ceeded our defeat and want us to sit down with the mad Persian and his Syrian lap dog to discuss our terms of surrendor.
Are you going to sit idly by while fools steer our nation down a path that will lead to the deaths of Millions?
People keep saying that it's 1938 and we are experiencing a Chamberlain moment. I say it's September 1941 and a Nuclear December 7th is around the corner.
And your going to hesitate on whether or not your needed? This last election was NOT won by the Democrats it was lost by the Republican Leadership or lack there of. No one came out to support our team because they gave us nothing to support.
Renew your Contract with the people. We are begging for someone that will speak the cold hard reality of what we are now facing as a nation and a world. If you won't do it NO ONE will. The Republican Party leadership has PROVEN that they do not have the stomach to stand against the slings and arrows of the Dems and the MSM.
I thought you of all people would see what is needed and have the sense of history to understand that that light at the end of the Tunnel is the Train of war that is about to crush us...

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