Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Cut and Run Rock Star Obama

Obama to council: 'No good options left'
Obama unveils plan to cut U.S troops in Iraq

November 21, 2006
BY SCOTT FORNEK Political Reporter
Declaring that the American public demanded change in the midterm elections two weeks ago, Sen. Barack Obama called Monday for a "gradual and substantial reduction in U.S. forces" in Iraq, beginning in four to six months.

"There have been too many speeches," the South Side Democrat told a crowd of 1,400 at a foreign policy luncheon. "There have been too many excuses. There have been too many flag-draped coffins. There have been too many heartbroken families.

"The time for waiting in Iraq is over. It is time to change our policy." (lets Cut and Run)

The potential presidential hopeful (next joke) spoke at an event sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, outlining a series of steps he said should be part of that changed policy

Obama opposed the initial invasion of Iraq, but told the crowd "I believe that it remains possible to salvage an acceptable outcome to this long and misguided war.
"But it will not be easy. For the fact is that there are no good options left in this war."

Wants talks with Syria, Iran (yeah lets talk to the people that are funding and supplying the terrorists)

Obama called for "a phased redeployment of U.S. troops," (cut and run) increasing the number of Special Forces members and other military personnel training Iraqi security forces (already being done) and tying U.S. economic aid in Iraq to the progress it makes in reaching a political solution to end the sectarian violence. (they tried that in Vietnam it led to the deaths of millions)
He also said the U.S. should sit down with Syria, Iran and other nations in the Mideast to involve them in finding a lasting solution to end the war. (nothing like trying to get deals from terrorists and madmen)

President Bush has refused to talk to Iran until it abandons any plans to develop nuclear weapons, and the administration wants Syria to pull out of Lebanon. (but not the Democrats hell given the chance they'll supply Iran the plutonium for their bomb as Kim Im Ill)

Obama said Iran and Syria "are badly mistaken" if they plan to use a destabilized Iraq as "another Afghanistan or a staging area" for terrorist attacks on Israel or others. (but He proposes taking away any threat from them if they do) But he insisted it makes no sense not to engage them in talks. (yeah they've proven that they can be trusted in negotions Hell look how quickly they buckled to the UN and stoped refining Uranium, oh wait they didn't did they)

"Keep in mind that throughout the Cold War -- at a time when we had intercontinental ballistic missiles pointed at every major city of the United States -- there was a phone directly from the White House to the Kremlin," (that was never used for negotiations ya idiot) Obama said. "There were constant summit meetings taking place throughout that period." (yeah and it was Reagan walking out of those summits and starting to build Star Wars that worked)

Obama said redeployment of U.S. forces out of Iraq will send a message, particularly to Iran. (yeah that the US doesn't have the Stomach to finish what we start and that they can do what ever they want with no consequences)

"You may have enjoyed watching our difficulties in Iraq," he said. "You will not enjoy a million refugees pouring over your borders in the event that Iraq collapses." (no they'll just shoot them and move into Iraq themselves you ASS, Iran doesn't fear refugees they fear us staying and achieving our goals)

Obama stopped short of calling for bringing the troops home, instead saying some would be redeployed to northern Iraq, others to other parts of the Mideast and still others to Afghanistan.

Urges economic pressure

Obama did not set an exact timetable but said the phased redeployment should begin in four to six months, although the timing should not be "overly rigid" to give commanders on the ground flexibility to protect the troops or adapt to changing political arrangements in the Iraqi government. (yeah we must cover our ass as we retreat and leave the 95% of Iraqies to be suppressed and butcherd)
Obama said the key is for the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to sit down and forge a lasting peace, (which is what we are helping them achieve by giving the coalition government the time and support they need) and he said a mix of gradually redeploying troops out of Iraq and applying economic pressure is the best way to make that happen. (so we cut and run and then when things fall apart we even cut any financial support we are supplying. Like I said that is exactly what the Dems did to the S Vietnamese)

"No more coddling, no more equivocation," he said. (yeah just let them all die in Chaos)

Many of the ideas he advanced have been proposed by other Democrats and analysts, and Obama conceded "there's going to be overlap" (no shit nothing new in this plan) in the proposals being advanced. He said he has had "off-the-record" conversations with members of the bipartisan, congressionally created Iraq Study Group, which will issue a series of recommendations to the White House sometime after Thanksgiving. (oh thats comforting)

Rips 'policy-by-slogan'

"There are a restricted number of options," Obama told reporters after his 36-minute speech. "There is no magic bullet in Iraq, and I think anybody who expects there is one is going to be disappointed."
Obama took more than a few swipes at Bush, saying the results of the midterm elections show that "the American people have sent a clear message ... that policy-by-slogan will no longer pass as an acceptable form of debate in this country.

"'Mission Accomplished,' 'cut and run,' 'stay the course' -- the American people have determined that all these phrases have become meaningless in the face of a conflict that grows more deadly and chaotic with each passing day -- a conflict that has only increased the terrorist threat it was supposed to help contain." (BULLSHIT)

Obama offered no clues on whether he will run for president in 2008 but said he will decide "sometime in the next few months. (Oh please Run we need the comic releaf)

"This is a profoundly personal decision that I'm going through right now," he said.

"Obviously, I'm looking at the external factors -- money and organization and, you know, [the] calender and all those things. But the most important thing I'm looking at is, do I have something unique to bring to a presdiential race that would justify putting my family through what I think everybody understands is a grueling process." (other than being Black no you bring nothing to the table)

During a visit to Indonesia on Monday, Bush told reporters he is awaiting the suggestions of a "variety of sources," including a military study commissioned by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace.

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