Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea's First Customer to Purchase WarHead

Iran Blames U.S. for N. Korea Nuke Test

Oct 9, 10:44 AM (ET)


TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iranian state radio Monday blamed North Korea's reported nuclear test on U.S. pressure, accusing Washington of "humiliating" the impoverished communist country.

"Not only did the United States not lift the sanctions it had imposed on North Korea, it even increased the diplomatic pressure. Such pressure finally led North Korea to conduct its nuclear test," Iranian state radio said in a commentary.
So I guess that means that since we have sanctions on Iran since 1979 for seazing hostages that they're justified in not only testing a nuke but bombing us with one because we have humiliated them for so long.

"North Korea's nuclear test was a reaction to America's threats and humiliation," it said.

Iran has said it will not abandon uranium enrichment despite the threat of international sanctions over its disputed nuclear program, which Tehran insists is purely for peaceful purposes to be used for nuclear energy. Yeah they sit on a sea of oil but are worried about their country needing energy... LOL

President Bush on Monday said the United States was still attempting to confirm that a nuclear test in North Korea had actually taken place. Still, he said, "such a claim itself constitutes a threat to international peace and security."

Iranian state radio accused Washington of "double standards" in its policy on nuclear nonproliferation, pointing to its attitude toward Israel and India. India has tested a nuclear bomb and Israel is widely believed to possess such weapons, but the United States is not currently applying sanctions against them. Could be because Israel and India aren't bank rolling terrorism all over the world the way Iran is, or the fact that their leaders aren't telling their people that it their duty to bath the world in blood so that the twelfth Imam can return and bring on the world wide caliphate the way Imamadjihad is doing in Iran.

In an oblique message to the United Nations, which is considering taking steps against Iran's nuclear program, Iranian state radio said that the Security Council should not punish North Korea but disarm the nuclear arsenals of the great powers.

"Instead of imposing comprehensive sanctions on North Korea ... it would be better if the U.N. Security Council adopt a wise decision and seek full implementation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty," it said.

"That is to say, it should seek to disarm the countries that currently possess nuclear weapons and provide conditions so that signatories to the treaty will be able to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes," it said. This guys smokin crack.

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