Monday, October 23, 2006

More Delusions from a Defeatocrat....

Greene County: Murtha calls Iraq a 'failed policy wrapped in illusion' at banquet

Jon Stevens
Staff writer

JEFFERSON -- John Murtha has never been one to hold back on what he believes.

And the outspoken Johnstown Democrat, who is seeking re-election to Congress in the sprawling 12th District, didn't disappoint the crowd gathered Sunday night at the Jefferson fire hall to honor state Rep. Bill DeWeese as "Democrat of the Year."

Murtha, 74, one of several speakers at the Greene County Democratic Committee's fall banquet, said he has never seen people so eager for a change. (where's he looking?)

"There is going to be a tidal wave Nov. 7. The House of Representatives is going to turn Democratic, big time," Murtha said. (oh I guess he's looking through the bottom of a Cuervo Bottle)


"Because the Republicans are not paying attention to the people. The Bush administration is arrogant," he said.

Murtha, while passionately defending his patriotism, has been criticized for his criticism of the way the war In Iraq is being handled. (Because He wants to cut and run)

"This is a war that cannot be won militarily," he said. "There is a limitation of what the military can do. Our soldiers are caught up in a civil war and while we need stability in the Middle East, we cannot do it by ourselves," he said. (That is the statement of a drunken ole ASS, this war can ONLY be won Militarily. The Islamic fascists have repeated over and over the only way they will stop killing US is if we convert to Islam and submit to Sharia Law. No matter if this poster child for term limits wants to fight or not, they aren't going to stop trying to kill us)

He makes no apologies for his stand on the war.

"I do this as an obligation as a member of Congress. When I see a policy I don't agree with I have to speak out," he said.

Murtha, who is running against Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey, said he keeps saying to the Bush administration, "Folks, it's not going the way you said it would go. You are painting too rosy a picture. We have kids being killed and we have to change course and we have to change direction." (This old fart doesn't even have the BALLS to debate Irey, let alone make the hard decisions that need to be made in a time of war. Soldiers die in war Congressman they know the risk of the life they have chosen. We thank them for their sacrifice unlike you who condemns, convicts and wants to execute soldiers on unproven hearsay)

He said no one supports the military more than he does. (BULLSHIT) A former Marine colonel, Murtha said he has three brothers who served in the Marines, and his father and two uncles were World War II veterans. (Murtha continuously lies about his military service)

"I support the military but I cannot support a policy having young people in harm's way in the middle of a civil war" he said. (what kind of support is it when you claim on national TV that our soldiers are guilty of war crimes that they still have not even been charged with, just to advance your standing in your party)

Murtha said there were a lot of people who thought he would back down when people started to attack him.

"I talk to the military all the time and I go to the hospitals at least once a week and I see the results of this bad policy, a failed policy wrapped in illusion," he said. (have you visited the soldiers you falsely accused of war crimes Congressman)

Murtha also said this country should be worried about North Korea and Iran, both of which have nuclear potential, something Iraq never had.

"Yes, we should be worried because of how we have depleted our reserves in this Iraqi war. We have to work this out diplomatically with North Korea and Iran," he said. (yeah just like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did, one gave us the Ayatollah in Iran and the two together gave N Korea the Bomb)

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