Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Clinton Legacy

As the North Koreans set off their Nuclear Bomb, we can Thank the Clinton WhiteHouse for plunging the world one step closer to Nuclear War. Yes it was Madelin Alldull that Guaranteed that North Korea would be able to achieve this wonderfull goal. Thanks Bill no one represents what the Dems can do for the world better than you and your Leagacy.

I'll add here, since we're inevitably going to hear the Democrats and their media allies lionizing the Clinton approach, that what we're seeing here is directly Clinton's fault. By signing an agreement that everyone knew would be cheated on by North Korea as a substitute for taking action, he, personally, left any successor no viable options and made this day a 100% certainty.
And that day is a 100% certainty, whether or not this particular event is borne out as a nuke. The only question now is when, and that was true the day after Clinton/Carter's "peace in our time (subtext: and war in someone else's)" agreement was signed. That transparently phony agreement, and not his negligence in pursuing al-Qaeda, has always been the #1 screw-up of Clinton's Presidency. It may yet surpass his #2 screw-up in terms of the American lives it costs before all is said and done.
If the GOP has 2 brain cells left, they'll hit that point with everything they have. Which means, of course, even odds at best.
(from Winds of Change)

UPDATE: Great add Check it out at DRUDGE on the Clinton Legacy

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