Sunday, October 01, 2006

Baa Baa Black Sheep 90% of the Blacks in America are FOOLS

Baa Baa Black Sheep 90% the Blacks in America are FOOLS. How else can you explain their devotion to being the plantation house slaves to the Democrat Party. I mean I know the Dems have placed them in high places in their administrations, 2 Secretary of States, (Powell and Rice) and a Supreme Court Judge (Thomas). Oh wait I forgot that was the Republicans, so that must mean that they're all Uncle Toms because they made something of themselves without a handout. Funny I don't recall the Dems appointing any Minority that High in their administration. Thats OK you all just KNOW that if you vote for a Republican Black Churches will burn, I mean they have a Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan as one of their party Leaders, Oh no wait I forgot thats Senator Byrd he's the Democrat Conscience of the Senate.

But it is Election time again so lets see how many Republicans we can label as racists. Well lets see George Allen may have actually said the word Nigger once in Collage. That'll work, never mind that he has run for office at least 5 times and this is the first that anyone has ever heard of this charge. This is more of the real George Allen "Allen Urges Swift Renewal of Voting Rights Act". Jim Webb on the other hand may have driven around Watts pointing unloaded guns at black people yelling the word Nigger and pulling the trigger on the unloded gun watching as the person shit him/herself. Thats OK he's a Democrat so like Byrd he don't mean it.

Baa Baa Black Sheep 90% the Blacks in America are FOOLS. When you look at the facts that the Welfare state, and quota system of Affirmative action have done nothing to reduce the number of blacks below the poverty line in over 40yrs, in fact the numbers have actually increased. Plus these systems have led to the destruction of the family unit in black society. So much so that more black children are raised in single parent homes than not. At the time that Martin Luther King strived for equality amongst all of Americas people, he wanted equal opportunity NOT preferential treatment for blacks. For that dream he gave his life. Today he's spinning in his grave at how his dream has been corrupted.

Regretfully the word Nigger is part of our language. Everyone has used it at one point or another, anyone who allows themselves to be manipulated by the fact that someone has said this word rather than by the actions of their lives is a fool.

Thats why 90% of the Black Community are sheep and fools. Rather than look honestly at what has happened to their society and culture due to welfare and the Democrats. They are led like sheep in the perpetual slavery of servitude to the Democrat Party, and like sheep they get sheered every time. They attack and belittle any black person that succeeds, or denies that person the credit that they desearve if the person says they achieved success through hard work rather than a handout by some white Democrat. Especialy people like Michael Steele, Rice, and Thomas.

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