Sunday, September 03, 2006


The Sunday Telegraph reports that UK Anti-terrorist police were last night searching a Muslim "faith" school at the centre of an investigation into terrorist training camps being run in Britain.
Officers were scouring the Jameah Islamiyah faith school, set in 54 acres of woodland near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex, after arresting 14 men in London who are suspected of organising "suicide bomber" training camps. Security sources say that the investigation was linked to concerns that young, radicalised Muslim men were being trained to launch suicide attacks in "crowded areas" of the capital and possibly Manchester. Shopping centres and main-line railway stations are believed to have been possible targets.
THIS is what we are up against! Muslim "Faith" Schools, so beloved of NuLabour and the CONservatives, appear to be superbreeders for intolerance and Jihad and as such should be closed down. Instead, our gutless brainless politicians are queueing up to invest taxpayers money in increasing their number. How can we win the war against militant Islam when we actually fund it?
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