Thursday, September 21, 2006

How not to treat a dissident!

From A Tangled Web

So you are female, a Somali citizen who after living in Ethiopia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia is on the way to Canada by air, to marry a man whom you have never met, because your father has spoken. Your plane lands in Germany for a routine re-fuelling stop, and as you don’t want to marry, you hop a train and end up in Holland; claiming political asylum. Fair enough! But then you decide that you want more; so you learn Dutch, get naturalized, study political science, GET ELECTED to Parliament, all while continuing to speak out against the oppression of women by Islamic Law and mullahs.
Your asylum status is put in jeopardy because you lied about not spending time in Kenya, but you are forgiven, and your status is confirmed!
Then you help a Dutch film-maker named Theo Van Gogh script an eleven minute film`named Submission. Unfortunately, a muslim fundamentalist decides this is not good, guns the film-maker down and then stabs him, which action makes you hide for fear of your life! But then you return to Holland after the Government promises a ‘safe house’ and resume your life. Unfortunately, the NEIGHBOURS dislike the idea that someone whom the mullahs detest is living next door, and eventually a Dutch judge says you have to get the hell out of your ‘safe house’, despite the police stating that there was nowhere safer!
You move to America!

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