Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 a Timeline by Cox and Forkum

Cox and Forkum Always seem to hit it right on target. Capturing the issue or the momment with feeling that a lot of times words or at least mine can't always paint.

Remember this Day our brothers and sisters were murdered. They were murdered in the name of Islam and Allah (piss be upon him). They were murdered by people who do not care if you are a Democrat or a Republican. If you are not a muslim that follows strict Sharia law than you are to be killed that is the teachings of their crazed Mullahs. ALL terrorism is born in Iran which is building a Nuke to USE, and Iraq is part of the War on Terror. The Republicans arent doing a great job but the Democrats will do much much worse and raise your taxes to do it.

The Black Day

World Trade Center
The World Trade Center Victims
The Flight 11 Victims
The Flight 175 Victims
The Falling Man by Tom Junod

The Pentagon
The Pentagon Victims
The Flight 77 Victims
The Pentagon Memorial

Flight 93
The Flight 93 Victims
The Story

Some past 9/11 cartoons:
FDNY 9/11
Ground 0
Crescent of Embrace
That Day
The 184
Heart Attack
Confronting Terrorism V

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