Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sad But True

The Terry Anderson Show:
Maywood CA: Mexican Flag Flies Over US Post Office

From Todd: No, this is not an American Flag Banning Elementary School, or a High school. The building in the photo above is the Maywood, California United States Post Office, where officials failed to restore the American Flag to it's rightful place! Save Our State, "SOS" and the Minutemen were there this past weekend protesting the fact that Maywood is a "Sanctuary City." Violence broke out in what was termed by radio talk show host Terry Anderson as another outrageous event that is not going to get any media coverage! Maywood Police, visible in the photo, reportedly did nothing to quell threats, acts of physical violence, foul language insults or the desecration of the American Flag, all on the grounds of a United States Post Office! What's next? Read a first hand account of this 'rude awakening' from a citizen who visited the rally there in Maywood. Read more about it on Terry's website....

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