Monday, August 07, 2006

Iran will counter at attack with 100 times greater force - general

Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Aug. 07 – The Supreme Commandant of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps criticised on Monday Arab countries for their “inaction” towards “the killing of Muslims” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Palestine by the “leaders of the United States, Britain, the Zionist regime, and their allies”.

Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said that Washington and Tel Aviv had been “defeated” in their battle with the Lebanese militia Hezbollah. “Undoubtedly, if these criminals try to take action and conduct mischief against Iran they will suffer blows 100 times more powerful”.

“The armed forces and the IRGC must, with complete awareness regarding intelligence and with a high military, political, cultural, and security understanding of regional and intercontinental issues, be fully prepared for possible threats”, he said.

He once again described the U.S., Britain, and Israel as an “Axis of Evil”.

Safavi denounced the recent United Nations Security Council resolution against Iran over its nuclear program as “illegal” and “baseless”.

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