Saturday, July 15, 2006

What's It Gonna Take

As the world frets and wringes it's collective hands over the fact that Israel has the Balls to defend itself, what's it gonna take. 10,000, 100,000 how many dead Jews before we react? As we watch the UN and the Collective boojwah bullshit of Europe condemn Israel for defending itself from attack. What is it gonna take?

As crazed Muslim Terrorists shoot rocket after rocket into Israel no one condemns, as Muslim terrorists strap bombs to themselves and their children to blow up bus loads of Jewish Children no one condemns, as Terrorist soldiers stream across borders and kill people and take hostages no one condemns.

The best part is Muslim Terrorists get outraged that a nation won't free murderers in exchange for kidnap victims, and then THEY CONDEMN the nation that they have attacked when it shoots back.....

What Kinda BULLSHIT is this? And How Long are we going to sit on the sidelines and allow IRAN to orchestrate this not so comic opera before us?

Do we wait until 100,000 Jews are killed, is that what it will take? Do we really have to see a mushroom cloud, or massive amounts of Jewish dead before it is alright for us to do what must be done?

Now before it is to late we need to act. Sooner or later Iran must be stopped. The only question is how many will have to die at the hands of their puppet Terrorists, before we do what has to be done?

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