Sunday, July 23, 2006


So, the UN's Jan Egeland has condemned the devastation caused by Israeli air strikes in Beirut, saying it is "a violation of humanitarian law."

It's funny how QUIET Egeland kept when Hezbollah built up their terror base in Lebanon - was that not a violation of humanintarian law?

It's funny how QUIET Egeland was when Hezbollah slaughtered 241 US soldiers back in 1983.

It's funny how QUIET Egeland was when Hizbollah murdered Israeli soldiers and citizens.

But - OH MY GOODNESS - Israel strikes back against the Jihadists and Egeland is shrieking from the rooftops - into the waiting microphones of the MSM.

The UN, of course, is institutionally and profoundly anti-Semitic. It is a moral sewer inhabited by the Jew haters and every now and again creatures such as Egeland emerge from its foul waters to heap criticism of those who fight for liberty, freedom and democracy.

Who gives a damn what this miserable man thinks - Go, Israel Go!

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